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Papua New Guinea

About Papua New Guinea

Some of the best locations for scuba diving in Papua New Guinea include Tawali, Tufi, Lissenung, and Walindi. So, humans first appeared in PNG some 50-70,000 years ago. There are over 840 spoken languages on this 2nd largest island in the world. They also have 730 species of birds including 41 species of the Bird of Paradise. Moreover, they have over 2200 species of reef fish. The war with the Imperial Japanese Empire also left lots of wrecks and artificial reefs to explore. This entire diving area is a Muck Divers dream come true. For more details, visit our blog articles: Papua New Guinea: Diving At The Edge of The World. Part One and Part Two.

Diving Papua New Guinea

Milne Bay area of Papua New Guinea Tawali is a hand crafted resort where the House Reef has mandarin fish. So, Dinah's Reef features frogfish, and Wahoo Point offers Hammerheads, minke whales, and whale sharks. Collingwood Bay area of Papua New Guinea Tufi Resort over sits a panoramic view of a fjord. The House Reef has WWII relics and seahorses. Blue Ribbon Reef has colorful eels. Clancy's Reef has reef sharks including white hammerheads. New Ireland Providence of Papua New Guinea Lissenung Island Resort gives you a private island scuba diving feeling. The House Reef goes 2/3rds around the island and has 6 species of clown fish. Albatross Passage has large pelagics and Bermuda Drop has lots of colorful coral. Kimbe Bay area of New Britain Island in Papua New Guinea Walindi Plantation Resort has 40 scuba diving sites. Ingles Shoal and Ono's Point are both spectacular seamounts. So, the MV Oceana also docks here after exploring the Bismarck Sea. In addition, plane wrecks out here include a P38 lightning, B17 "Blackjack" Bomber. So, some ships wrecks include PT boats, a merchant ship, the Sanko Maru, and mini-submarine. Moreover, there is a Japanese freighter, PBY Catalina, torpedo bomber, Jake bomber, sub chaser, and Japanese Zero.

Accommodations, Attractions, Activities

These are all boutique resorts in far off exotic locations. Because of the time it takes to get out here, visitors to Papua New Guinea typically spend a week or two out here. Furthermore, these locations cater to serious divers, photographers, videographers, and wreck enthusiasts. You may have some contact with locals, but these locations are far away from mainstream tourist attractions. Activities are mostly water related and may include snorkeling, kayaking or paddle boarding depending on your destination. Above all, birding is the major activity exception. Many tourists come to Papua New Guinea just to see some 40 species of the Bird of Paradise. So, the other 700 species of birds are just icing on the cake.

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