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MV Oceania

About MV Oceania

MV Oceania is an 88ft long scuba diving catamaran based out of Walindi Plantation Resort. This resort faces the Bismarck Sea and is located on New Britain Island in Papua New Guinea. The aluminum hull yacht has 8 cabins for up to 18 guests. 3 of the cabins have queen beds and 5 are twin birth rooms. All cabins have ensuite bathrooms, individual air conditioning control. Furthermore, all cabins are above deck with ocean views. Enjoy our blog article on Papua New Guinea: Diving At The Edge Of The World. Part One.

MV Oceania Diving

They typically do 9-10-night scuba diving itineraries. They have 3 different trips that go out to Kimbe Bay, Father’s Reefs, and Witu Island. Plan to do up to 4 dives a day to see coral gardens, seamounts, walls, arches and overhangs. The dive sites near Walindi Plantation Resort, have seamounts, pinnacles, reefs, hanging gardens, and wrecks. So, two well-known seamounts include Ingles Shoal and Ono’s PointThe Zero is a Japanese plane wreck from WWII. Furthermore, from MV Oceania, you can view spectacular staghorn and rose pattern corals just off shore. Seamounts and pinnacles actually separate Kimbe Bay into two fairly equal sized bowls, both of which open out towards the sea. Over 900 species of fish and 350 species of coral live out here. Aboard the MV Oceania and just in Kimbe Bay alone, you have to visit Inglis Shoal. This is where you have a good chance to view dogtooth tuna, bigeye trevally, and scalloped hammerheads roam. So, Susan's Reef has sea whips, sea fans, and sea pens. Look closely and you will find Denis pygmy sea horses, tomato clown fish, and electric clams. Moreover, Restof Island has blacktips, silvertips, gray reef sharks, hawkfish and triggerfish. In addition, Christine's Reef has barrel sponge gardens, cryptic crinoids, and colorful corals. MV Oceania has a tender may take you out to selected sights. More importantly, Nitrox is available.

Attractions and Activities

Dinner is a la carte, lunch is buffet style, and they have two breakfasts. You can literally have a continental breakfast, do dive 1, and then enjoy a hot breakfast before dive 2. So, they also have snacks before lunch and after lunch, and a desert each night. Meals are either western or Asian style and they have two long tables for guests. Three nearby mini-fridges have complimentary juice. In addition, Beer, and a few selected wines are available for purchase. Now, as for the layout on MV Oceania, they have a saloon and bar and dining area on the middle deck. Finally, the upper deck is the sundeck with chairs and table, but you may spend most of your free time just gazing out at the wildlife and impressive view.

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