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Solmar V

About Solmar V

Solmar V is a 112ft long scuba diving liveaboard with a home port in Cabo San Lucas, and Ensenada during great white shark viewing season. There are 12 cabins accommodating 20 guests.  There are 2 single staterooms on the main deck. 4 standard staterooms and 6 Superior staterooms (more spacious) are on the lower deck. Each room has air-conditioning, ensuite bathroom, and TV/DVD. Each room also comes with a top of the line "Pillow Top" mattress. Enjoy our blog article Cage Diving with Great White Sharks.

Solmar V Diving

From November to July, scuba diving guests go out to the Revillagigedo Archipelago (Socorro Islands).  So, these trips take place out of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Moreover, on they are either 9- or 10-day trips. The major attractions for those on the Solmar V are the giant mantas, and some 10 species of sharks. The sharks include whale sharks, small white tips hiding together under rocks, and larger pelagics white tips hanging out at the edge of the blue. Silver tips, silkies, schooling hammerheads, dusky, thresher, and an occasional tiger shark may also be viewed. January to April humpback whales make a brief appearance too.
From August to October, Solmar V shifts its on shore address to Ensenada, Mexico and they dive out at Guadalupe Island. This is where you'll find great white sharks and their favorite foods, the elephant seal, sea lion, and Guadalupe fur seal. The ship has 2 four-person cages. In addition, 1 three-person submersible cage is self-propelled and can dive down to 30ft. Expect to see several different great whites in various poses with wide smiles. This is a 4 night/ 5-day trip. An air-conditioned coach takes you from San Diego to Ensenada and return. Currently, the Mexican Government has prohibited shark diving in Guadalupe but this is subject to change.

Attractions and Activities

Solmar V boasts even a 3-course meal during lunch that may include homemade soup. Dinner typically begins with a salad. Next you may have fresh seafood, chicken, or beef that is expertly seasoned and prepared by the chef. Desert tops of each nightly meal. So, on the scuba side, Solmar V is equipped with a Sea Wave satellite phone and a state-of-the-art phone and email system; you can sign up for this service before departure. So, a computer station is available in the lounge to download images of the giant mantas, whale sharks, dolphins, humpback whales, false killer whales, and sharks.
RIB inflatable tenders or pangas may take divers out to the dive sites for the Socorro trips. Nitrox is available for a fee. Solmar V has one of the largest dive decks in this region, with plenty of room for camera equipment. Finally, when not diving, you can go kayaking, wind surfing, or snorkeling on the Socorro trips. You can lounge on the top deck, or take in a view great whites and seals on the Guadalupe trips.

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