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Sunset House

About Sunset House

Sunset House is a scuba diving resort in Grand Cayman and about  1.2km from downtown George Town. This is a boutique resort with 36 rooms and four different room styles. The father of Cayman's recreational diving, Bob Soto, was asked to take guests out diving. More importantly, he taught a 12 year old named Adrian how to dive. As a result, Sunset Divers, the onsite dive center, was first opened in 1972 by Adrian and Bonnie Briggs. Enjoy our blog article on Destination Spotlight: The Cayman Islands-Grand Cayman.

Sunset House Diving

Sunset Divers currently has a fleet of 6 boats for scuba diving. So in Grand Cayman you can dive and explore arches, shoots, pinnacles, canyons, sand plains, caves, chimneys, and tunnels. More importantly, expect to see lots of tarpon, groupers, and schools of glass fish, stingrays, lobsters, and turtles. Some of the popular dive site include: Tarpon Alley, Stingray City, Bonnie's Arch, Oro Verde, and Kittiwake. Eden Rock and Devil's Grotto shore dives are a short "taxi or walk" distance from Sunset House. The house reef is in a class of its own. First of all, there are multiple entrances into the water. The reef is wide and there is a 9ft tall bronze statue of a mermaid  down at 18ft.  A little farther off is the Jack Nicholson landing craft. Nearby is the sandy garden of eels. At the Sunset House house reef, you can spend untold hours.

Attractions and Activities

Onsite is the famous Cathy Church Photo Center. They have galleries extraordinary U/W artwork. More over, they have retail and rental camera equipment as well as other gifts for purchase. So, near the Sunset House pool and lounge chairs, and overlooking the ocean, is the famous Tiki Hut "My Bar". It's amazing how easy the phrase "see you at my bar" slips out when going for lunch, between dives, or seeking a light dinner and drinks after the dives. They also have the Sea Harvest Restaurant for Indian, Caribbean, and American dishes. So, courtesy buses will take you to the mall in George Town. The downtown harbor is also where many sunset cruises and Pirate themed Rum cruises embark. Finally, we have to mention, Sunset House recently celebrated their 60th anniversary.

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