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Dive the Florida Swamps With a Leap of Faith

Author: Maduro Dive Staff

Courtesy of Jill Heinerth from ScubaDiving.comĀ 

We’re sure you may have heard or come across a diver who has explored Florida’s swampy treasure and wondered – WHY would you dive into a muddy soup to maybe find a gator or two? Truth is, if you enjoy muck diving and want to explore some of the rare sights Florida has to offer, grab your mask and fins because this is the dive experience for you.

Orange Grove Sink is one of two major springs in Wes Skiles Peacock Springs State ParkĀ  which boasts nine other sinkholes and springs, and a long slough, meandering down to the famed Suwannee River. Peacock Springs also offers divers the chance to explore one of the longest underwater cave systems in the United States.

Enticed by your adventurous side yet?
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