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Camera Corner: Shooting in Poor Visibility

We all love a good dive, who here doesn’t? And more often than not, we want to keep memories from our dives. Since taking things from the ocean is a big NO-NO, photos are your best bet!

But what happens when you’re diving low-visibility waters? Where do you start anyway? Fish, reefs, slugs?

The answer is: ALL of the above!

Macro photography is a seriously awesome craft every diver should attempt. It helps keep us sharp and it’s pretty great when you spot the smaller, more hidden critters in reefs that leave a great impression to those lucky enough to notice.

Get into underwater macro photography with’s Shooting Macro Photos here>>

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Bonne Terre Mine Treasure Hunt

Divers of all ages come every year to enjoy the Bonne Terre Mine Treasure hunt and since its start six years ago it’s turned into a grand one day festival for US and international divers alike.

The Bonne Terre Mine is home to the Billion Gallon Lake. It’s an illuminated lake with over 500,000 watts of lighting and over 24 dive trailers from mammoth archways to calcium falls.

Awesome right?

Treasure hunters strode into the depths in search of tokens for keys to their treasure troves. Some divers even came prepared with tips n’ tricks learned from their previous attempts.

Topside divers enjoyed a trade show with equipment, travel and training oriented vendors.

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