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12 Dive “Secret Spots”

Author: Maduro Dive Staff

It’s no secret, we all love to dive and some of us have been to the Bahamas and back but what if we told you there a few spots you have yet to set eyes on? That’s right, treasures of the underwater universe only a handful of people have experienced.

'Silver Lining' - The Red Sea

Like Silver Lining:

Known as the Sinker, this site was created after 80 feet of weighted mooring line was mistakenly thrown into 110 feet of water, just off the coast of the Egyptian town of Nuweiba. The mooring buoy is now adorned with vivid orange, red and pink soft corals, and hangs like a giant upside-down flower basket attached to a seabed far below. The most magical part of this little microcosm of life is the school of sweepers that flows like liquid metal, evading the predation of patrolling jacks.

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