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A Mermaid Minute: Linden Wolbert

Author: Maduro Dive Staff

‘Out of the sea… wish I could be… part of that, world…’

What if we told you we found a girl who longed to be part of the undersea world? Who quit her steady 9-5 to fulfill her dream of becoming a real mermaid.

We’re not nuts! Though it sounds a bit odd, this is exactly what Linden Wolbert did. And some of us here are a little envious! As divers, free-diving with a fish-like tail is the closest you can get to comfortably experiencing the ocean as the undersea creatures do.

So, what’s her story?

As a kid Linden loved movies like “Splash” and “The Little Mermaid” she’d also spend most of her time watching wildlife documentaries. Linden’s even got a bachelor’s degree in film and science from Emerson.

Photo Courtesy of Yahoo! Shine

Her goal? To become an underwater wildlife documentary filmmaker like Jacques Cousteau.

She ended up with a 35-pound, 6-foot long hydro-dynamic tail that’s probably worth more than some of our dive equipment… She’s also got a few more and one in the works by famed fashion designer Evey Rothstein.

Her tails aren’t just for show. Each tail is ‘swimmable’ and allows her to make differently in the water. This little mermaid can also dive down about 100 feet and hold her breath for five full minutes.

There’s so much more to her story, work and charity work, and her online show The Mermaid Minute.

Check it out at Yahoo! Shine’s What It’s Like to Be a Real-Life Mermaid>>


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